Indoor or outdoor Beautiful Wooden Ice Tub complete with Cooler unit to compliment any Leisure Garden.

Start the day with energy, let your body recover from an intense workout or clear your mind with Home Wellness Ice baths.

When you suddenly expose your physical body to a much lower temperature, your body experiences a slight shock. 

By immersing yourself in an ice bath, you will receive a small shock to your body, your heart rate and breathing will temporarily increase, and adrenaline will be released. 

As a result, your body resets itself. Enjoy relaxation of the whole body and mind.

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Benefits of an ice bath

Feel great:
Step out of your comfort zone with the Ice Tub from Home Wellness. Experience calm and energy after sitting in an ice bath. After such a session, you completely abandon all thoughts and concentrate only on your breathing. Exposure to cold temperatures increases happy hormones such as endorphins in your body and stimulates the release of adrenaline in the brain.

Improving blood flow:
Blood vessels constrict when the body comes in contact with cold. Your blood flow improves when you train the elasticity of your blood vessels. In the short term, the blood brings oxygen, vitamins and minerals to key places in the body faster, while at the same time excreting all excretory products. In the longer term, the heart rate decreases because the heart doesn't have to work as hard. Good circulation is essential for the body's immune system!

Reduce pain and swelling:
This very process helps with pain and swelling. Constricting blood vessels inhibits inflammatory processes. An ice bath also reduces the speed of pain signals to the brain. This can reduce the feeling of pain, for example after a sports session or during an injury.

Withstands the cold with ease:
After a while, you will not only cope with the temperature of the ice bath, but you will also notice that the outside temperature has less influence. This is because your body produces more brown fat. Unlike white fat, which makes you gain weight, brown fat is very useful. The body draws energy from brown fat to heat the body. Beat the cold with the Home Wellness Ice Tub.